Monday, August 24, 2009

The Crafty Crow

So one of the blogs I've been following for quite some time now is... The Crafty Crow! They have a lot of crafty ideas for children... although I haven't used any of the ideas yet... i think a lot of the ideas are great! I need to make sure to keep it in mind next VBS!

You should check it out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JYP & Wonder Girls Project & Meet & Greet

So I was chosen to be able to 'meet and greet' the Wonder Girls and to be a part of their exclusive promo team at the Jonas Brothers concerts (which they were opening for). Initially, I just made pouches for each of the members and also for their producer, JYP, who is also a singer (whom i am a HUGE fan of), who is currently following them on the tour...

When I tried to think of ways to package the gift, I couldn't think of a good way to package a pouch so I decided to fill them... I went to Michaels and found cute travel themed mini notebooks (a perfect fit for the members' pouches) and a travel journal (an exact fit for JYP's pouch)
Then I made each of the WG members a personalized card and wrote notes and word of encouragement all throughout JYP's travel journal :)

The day of the meet and greet, I got a text telling me to meet at the Verison Wireless bus. Unfortunately, it took me forever to find it. Anyways, while waiting to meet their manager-ish person to take us to meet the Wonder Girls, I made some new friends with fellow FAN*TASTICS (Wonder Girls fans)... Then we got a text telling us to meet at the main entrance... there were about 10 of us at the time but when we go to the entrance there were another 10 fans waiting! Eventually, Hana (their manager-ish person) came out and gave us all 'Meet & Greet' wristbands and we all filed in line and headed toward the backstage area... After a lot of waiting, we eventually got to the backstage area where we were told to wait behind these fence-like things...

It was right then that we saw Jordin Sparks leaving from her meet & greet :)
Then as she left, the Wonder Girls came walking in... JYP walking in with them...
Unfortunately, the Staples Center employees were REALLY strict and informed us that we were only allowed to take group pictures with the girls and leave. All of us were so disappointed... Luckily as I went to go to take a picture with them I was just going to hand their gifts to their manager or something but SunYe and Yenny insisted that I pass them out... So I gave each of them their gifts, took a picture with them, and went around and got hugs from each of the members. They were really sweet~ I wish we were given more time to 'hang out' with them, like some of the other cities.

ANYWAYS, after my super short 'meet & greet' with the Wonder Girls, I went around to see JYP, who was already surrounded by the FAN*TASTICS, getting picture and autographs... I waited my turn (actually I kinda cut... *sorry*) and gave my gift to JYP and got my picture taken with him. And as I was asking him to autograph his CD for me (I came prepared lol) He took out his iPhone and asked someone to take the picture of us... But each time she took the picture it came out blurry so then Jeremiah (another fan, a new friend) took the picture, then JYP wanted a close up too so, seriously it took forever to get the picture taken... then he signed my CD for me and ALL of us where swept out of the backstage area... I felt REALLY bad because a lot of them, especially Jeremiah, wasn't able to get an autograph or picture with JYP because I took too long :(

Afterwards, we all gathered together, got our giant stacks of postcard flyers and spread out around the Staples Center and spent the next couple hours passing them out to anyone who stepped out of the Staples Center. It was a bit scary being so outnumbered... let's just say there were thousands of Jonas Brothers fans and about 20 Wonder Girls fans... Some people were nice and said that they liked the Wonder Girls performance and that they thought they were cute... others were extremely rude, shoving the flyers back in our face... Eventually me and my partner, Jeremiah, ran out of flyers so we headed back to 'base' where to met with the left over FAN*TASTICS... we spent about another hour just hanging out and talking about school, k-pop, random stuff... Eventually it ended up just being Me, Jeremiah, Jennifer (allkpop), Alan (allkpop idol winner), Kris (fellow anteater), and Jason.. we were going to look for somewhere to eat out but it was already passed midnight and most of us were going to come back to LA the next day for the autograph signing so we just split up.

So although the 'Meet and Greet' was a bit disappointing... I made new friends AND on my way home that night Jeremiah texted me, saying that JYP had twittered the picture of us. So as soon as I got home I checked it myself! There it was, a picture of me and him with the gift I made him and little thank you shout out :) Kind of embarassing but really cool at the same time ...