Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Quarter Begins...

I realized it's been a while since I've last updated so here's an update :D

I've been quite busy the last week... mainly because I'm finally back in school! I was really hoping to make a bunch of crafty stuff before school started but I guess I procrastinated too much. Well now that I'm in school, I'll have plenty of time to doodle :)

Ever since the floorsale last month, I've been trying to re-think my 'line' ... I have too many ideas that are incohesive.. So I've been spending a lot of time brainstorming and trying to 'build my brand' better... Hopefully I'll come up with something before December!

Here are some of my ideas so far... and yes, they aren't cohesive.... go figure...
1. Characters! - I really enjoyed making the Wonder Girls pouches and so I'm thinking of making my own group of girls... So far, I've gathered about 5-6 girl image ideas inspired by some K-Pop girl group members BUT they keep turning out like the Harajuku Lovers girls!~~~ I need to spend more time making them more original I guess... I might even resort to making animal characters..that's just a little bit more difficult...
2. Ticket Journal - I love ticket journals.. I have one myself and have given many away as gifts so I thought, why not just design my own ticket journal... and they possibly might be more marketable during the gift-giving season of December :) Unfortunately I haven't started on the design yet...
3. 2010 Calendar - As someone who loves to plan, I LOVE calendars... so I thought it would be a good gift idea to make my own calendars... but that also requires designing... which I haven't gotten around to doing yet... I have brainstormed a bit though :)

OOOH I forgot to mention that I had my first Etsy sale last week! :D Congrats to me!
Well, unfortunately I've got a LOT of reading to do for my classes so I gotta bounce... maybe next time I'll have some doodles to post up :D

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Week Left

So summer seems to hav just flown on by... I now have exactly one week until school starts again. I'm actually quite excited for school to start. Although I loved the spontaneity of this past summer, I love schedules. I love knowing exactly what I'm going to be doing in the next hour/day...
Every summer is filled with new experiences... Last summer was when I first got seriously 'into' scrapbooking and blogging. I spent most days at all the local crafty shops, seeking out treasures... Eventually by the end of summer, I was stocked up on just about every basic scrapbooking tool. I also spent about a whole month being a 'camp counselor' for my church's junior high and high school summer retreats.
This year was quite different from the last. Let's see... I rejoined the English Ministry praise team at my church, met the Wonder Girls and JYP!, made new friends, re-started my blog, had my first handmade goods sale, opened up my Etsy shop, had bible study (almost weekly) with my SoonWon, and just spent a LOT of time by myself at home... Oh, just remembered! I even saw a calf being born! Yay for living by cow farms!

In the one week that is left before the busy-ness of school comes around, I'm trying to brainstorm more ideas for my next sale in December. I'm strangely having trouble thinking of stuff to draw, which I think is weird bc that never happens. Oh well, time to hit the shower, maybe I'll come out of it with some more ideas.

Ooh random note... When summer started I planned on sending in audition applications to Korea but, I don't know, I'm having 2nd thoughts again... It's so hard to pick the perfect song!
Oh and another random note... My pastor suggested that I document all of the children's praise/body worship songs by recording myself!~ I think it's a good idea... Just a little bit awkward though, singing and dancing in front of a camera all by myself :/ I'll get around to doing it... eventually

Friday, September 11, 2009

Etsy Shop

Last night (September 10th) I set up and opened my etsy shop for the first time EVER! Yippeee~~~~ I'm so excited! I may never sell a single item but I'm still happy :D

After doing my chores for the day, I decided to photograph my rings while the natural lighting in the house was being my friend... Then I figured I start my etsy shop! :D It just makes me happy looking at it! hahahaha
Well, I gotta bounce I have a LOT to do tomorrow...

My First Sale!

My dear friend, Sarah of Little Seed, invited me to join her at the Koreatown Galleria Floorsale on August 29th. I didn't really know what to expect so I just prepared a variety of 'products' to sell. Not really expecting much, I went on to join and sell my handmade goodies...

The day of the sale was quite... interesting... Sora came over to my house that morning to drive out to LA together. One the way there, I got lost... I don't know how in the world I got lost going to Koreatown (since I've personally driven there, on my own,at LEAST 50 times by now) but I got lost. Then, we got into a car accident and eventually we got to the Galleria an hour late. Sora and I shared a table and we sold our individual stuff as well as my mom's church small group's handmade sponges. We sold a lot more than we expected, met a lot of kids, ran into some old friends, and just had a good time. Originally we were only going to stay till 3pm but we ended up staying until 6:30pm because Jennifer was holding mini ceramics classes with some kids.

Suprisingly I SOLD OUT on my button hairclips! I was so excited :) I got a shot of one of a girl wearing my hairclips, playing by the water fountain :D

We were invited to come back for the floorsale in December! So for the last couple weeks I've been brainstorming new ideas for products. First! I'm trying to remake all of the hairclips I made before!