Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Week Left

So summer seems to hav just flown on by... I now have exactly one week until school starts again. I'm actually quite excited for school to start. Although I loved the spontaneity of this past summer, I love schedules. I love knowing exactly what I'm going to be doing in the next hour/day...
Every summer is filled with new experiences... Last summer was when I first got seriously 'into' scrapbooking and blogging. I spent most days at all the local crafty shops, seeking out treasures... Eventually by the end of summer, I was stocked up on just about every basic scrapbooking tool. I also spent about a whole month being a 'camp counselor' for my church's junior high and high school summer retreats.
This year was quite different from the last. Let's see... I rejoined the English Ministry praise team at my church, met the Wonder Girls and JYP!, made new friends, re-started my blog, had my first handmade goods sale, opened up my Etsy shop, had bible study (almost weekly) with my SoonWon, and just spent a LOT of time by myself at home... Oh, just remembered! I even saw a calf being born! Yay for living by cow farms!

In the one week that is left before the busy-ness of school comes around, I'm trying to brainstorm more ideas for my next sale in December. I'm strangely having trouble thinking of stuff to draw, which I think is weird bc that never happens. Oh well, time to hit the shower, maybe I'll come out of it with some more ideas.

Ooh random note... When summer started I planned on sending in audition applications to Korea but, I don't know, I'm having 2nd thoughts again... It's so hard to pick the perfect song!
Oh and another random note... My pastor suggested that I document all of the children's praise/body worship songs by recording myself!~ I think it's a good idea... Just a little bit awkward though, singing and dancing in front of a camera all by myself :/ I'll get around to doing it... eventually

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