Friday, July 03, 2009



So it's a bit late to be posting about yesterday but I went down to Irvine last night and I didn't get back till a couple hours ago... Anyways...

Today... woke up, doodled, stretched, worked out, drove to Irvine, prepared for bible study, slept

So I spent most of my day making the icons for all the blogs that I post on... I'll talk more about that later... Right now I want to share my doodle for the day :) So one of the blogs that I follow is Creature Comforts and everyday they post up an image for their "Inspiration Daily" category... Yesterday's image was one by Linda Berg....

Isn't it pretty... Anyways, so I did my doodle based on the drawing. At first I just did the image in photograph, then I tried building on the picture and finish what might have been the rest of the body. I have a hard time drawing people and so the posture of the girl looks a bit strange... oh well, I tried my best :)

And now time for the icons... Here are all the blogs that I post on and a little description of each :) The images in each of the icons are "old" except for the "Mr Blog to Miss Blog" image... Those I drew yesterday :)


My first personal blog... Although I did 'reset' it, this is where all my blogging activity started :) At first I used it just to blab on about my crafting experience but this time, I'm making it a bit more personal AND I'm doing my best to post consistently... Especially during this summer since I really have nothing better to do anyways :)


Here I post up a blog prompt daily and also write my response for each :)
The original prompt is from a Korean search engine and blog site called Naver. So I translate the prompts to English to share and to practice my Korean-to-English translating skills :)


Here's the blog I share with my two roommates Tursh and Sora!~ It's been a while since we started it but we only have our mini introductions up so far. Tursh is into Theater so most of her artwork is of costumes and sets while Sora on the other hand is into Studio Art and Anime so her artwork will probably be more on the formal side. And me, I'm just a crafter so it's pretty much all of my stuff is just out in the open :) Hopefully we will pick things up on that blog soon, since it's summer!

Anyways that all for now! I'll probably be posting again in a couple hours to post about today!~

Till then!,

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