Sunday, July 05, 2009

Shopping & WG Project

Today... shopping, shopping, shopping, jello & wg project

Happy Independence Day!~
I started today off by going to a Pottery Barn Outlet with my parents to buy a lamp for my new desk (that my dad made for me) :) Anyways, I ended up also buying a table runner for the top of my dresser for less than $2! After than my mom and I went to Nordstrom's Rack and Kohl's where I bought several clothes and accessories... After dinner I made some jello :) and then at night I finally got to start working on the project that I mentioned in an earlier post....

My Wonder Girls Project!
The Wonder Girls are a five member Korean girl group who are in the process of debuting in America. Currently they are serving as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers. AND they finally released their english version of their hit song 'Nobody'! You can listen to the track by going onto their website ( or by purchasing it on iTunes. Right now their are having a mini 'contest' to be a part of their fan team (FAN*TASTICS) to help them publicize at the Jonas Brothers concerts. Anyways, if you are one of the few that get chosen you get to meet the Wonder Girls and have a photo-op and what not. All you have to do is send them a 30 sec video about how much you love the Wonder Girls... SO, I figured I'd try doing this cause it would be fun! I've already had experience helping JYP Entertainment advertising stuff at their concerts back in March (I helped advertise their world tour auditions)... For my video I decided I'd document me making them a handmade personalized gift... my project is that I'm making a set of 5 pouches each with one of the Wonder Girls on it :) I used felt and embroidery string to make each of their faces today... Now all that's left to do is that I need to buy the fabric for the pouches and I need to do their earrings (...somehow) and mbroider their names.
Here's a picture of my stetches, my felt faces, and my signed Wonder Girls Nobody (Korean version) Album :D

Here's the picture of the Wonder Girls that I chose to copy their style for. For the Wonder Girls 'Nobody' single, their hair, makeup, and attire is all from the 60s and is very influenced by the style of the Supremes...

Hopefully I'll be able to stop by Joann's to buy some fabric tomorrow after church...
WOW it's really late now I got to get to sleep to wake up early for church tomorrow!!!

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