Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cleaning and YouTube


So my OFFICIAL summer started on Monday and it is now the night of day 2 (welll 1:30AM of day 3...)... Anyways to log the stuff I did...

TODAY...stretched, danced, played piano, sang, and slept.

I meant to do a LOT more during the day but for some reason, around 1 in the afternoon, I started falling a asleep! So I slept from 1pm til 5pm! Then my brother came home and bought me dinner for the first time in a LONG time :) We actually got to spend sometime catching up with eachother during the drive there and back, which was nice :) My brother and I spending time together or let alone talking to eachother for more then 30 seconds rarely ever happens. So, him offering to buy me dinner and what not is REALLY special! :) Anyways, after that all I did was watch the re-run of the American Idol Michael Jackson episode and 'reset' my blog...

DAY 2: cleaned, reorganized, cleaned, slept, and watched youtube

So I moved back home from my apartment after my finals in the middle of June but I still haven't finished unpacking and cleaning my room. My dad built me a desk and is in the process of building me a book case so, although I spent most of the last few weeks unpacking and cleaning, I'm still not done...

Anyways, to talk about something other than my boring days filled with cleaning... I have started watching a new Korean drama... It's called "결혼 못하는 남자" or "The Man Who Can't Get Married"...

It's about a forty year old man and woman who are both single and both have families that want them to hurry up and get hitched. The only difference is that the woman wants to get married but has yet to find her match, while the guy claims that he doesn't want to get married... Then the supporting cast has a girl and guy who are both in their mid twenties who somehow know the other people in the show... ANYWAYS it's pretty fun, it's got a group of interesting characters. The actors all portray their respective roles well too :)

I particularly like actress So-Eun Kim, who played Ga-Eul in the popular Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers... She the main reason why I decided to check this drama out... :)

Well I should stop babbling... hopefully I'll start creating some stuff tomorrow!
--- Chloe

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