Saturday, July 04, 2009

Blog Stalking


Today... wake up, lunch, bible study, drive home, Michaels, blog, blog, ... blog, etsy!, blog, blog

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I was in Irvine earlier today... Basically I go to Irvine once a week because I meet up with my disciple, Mindy, for bible study once a week :) Anyways we met up and went out to eat chinese food then sat outside near her apartment for bible study. The weather in Irvine was PERFECT! It was sunny but with a nice cool breeze... Unlike here in Corona where it's sunny with a warm/hot breeze -__-... So afterwards I came straight home to avoid traffic but then while I was driving home I got the sudden urge to go to Michaels especially since I had a 40% off coupon. So I went hoping to get a COUPLE fabric quarters for a project that I have in mind. BUT I ended up purchasing a fabric BUNDLE (meaning 5 quarters) and an additional quarter! Which by the way, NONE of them were for the project that I had in mind... Either way, I got some really cute fabric!

After I got home I went online and immediately posted for yesterday and then just started blog surfing... catching up on my blog subscriptions and whatnot. Eventually I ended up spending all my time on a lovely blog called, 'oh, hello friend'... I started following Danni's blog after I had purchased earrings from her at a vendor fair on my school campus...
So here's what happend during my blogging adventure today...

ONE... at 'oh, hello friend' there was a post of $5 sales this weekend. And so I browsed through all the pictures and stopped at one of a pair of earrings (not pictured) from billie's blue boutique. So I went to the etsy shop and WOW all the earrings were on sale for only $3! And there were SOOOO many pretty earrings! Eventually I got myself to narrow it down to 3 pairs and I made my first Etsy purchase! Yay for me! The picture above is of one of the earrings that I bought... Now all I got to do is be more diligent in changing my earrings...

TWO & THREE... there was another post with a gathering of giveaways that were going on this weekend which included the items pictured. 'Two' is from Modish... aren't the mini cherry blossom earrings adorable?! As for the heart necklace, I would SO give that to Tursh or Sora if I won, because they fit their style so well :) 'Three' is from Piggy in the Puddle... it's a mini harmonica pendant! I love the vintage appeal that it gives off :) Anyways, I entered both those giveaways and I suggest that you do too!

FOUR... so to wrap it all up I entered 'oh, hello friend''s weekly giveaway in which polarity is giving away one of their locket sets... to enter you just need to go to polarity's etsy shop and pick a favorite item, then post that as a comment to the giveaway thread... So... the picture is of my favorite from the shop. It's the collaboration with Stephanie Fizer for the Mini Sweet Kokeshi locket set. If I win this giveaway I want to the buy the locket lids for this set!~ They are SO cute! If I don't win, I think I still might go back to the shop and buy it myself :) AND all her lockets are made with recycled materials! Yay for enviro-friendliness!~

Wow... blogging and everything that it leads to is taking over my life! I LOVE IT!
that's enough for now... hopefully I'll be able to start on that project I mentioned earlier tomorrow... (more details on that, once I actually start making some progress on it...)

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