Tuesday, July 07, 2009

WG Project continues

Today... sew, sew, sew, tv, spring rolls, blog

So as soon as I woke up today I started sewing. Yesterday I went to Joann's and bought all the fabric for the pouches and spend the day sewing the faces to the fabric and adding the embroidery. Today I started working on sewing Yenny's pouch... and when I was almost done, my sewing machine broke. I had finished the pouch portion but it broke while I was working on the drawstrings... So I had to stop working on the pouches :( Anyways here's a picture from this morning...

BUT, I realized a little while ago that I forgot to sew the earrings!~ It's not too late to add them to the other girls's pouches, but for Yenny's I'll have to sew it on top of the inner lining :(

Anyways, I'm quite satisfied with these pouches so far! I can't wait to finish them. Then I could hurry and film the 30sec video to submit for the Wonder Girls FAN*TASTICS thing so that I could possibly meet them to give these to them... Even if I don't get chosen, and I don't get to meet them, I think I would either keep them just cause they are cute. Or maybe give them as gifts? I don't know. But I can't wait to finish them!

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